By using the services of Cannergrow you can profit from the rising cannabis industry. Within a few clicks you can purchase your own high-quality indoor cannabis plants, including its needed plots. These cannabis plant plots belonging to you for lifetime!


The services of the Cannerald GmbH are related to the purchase of cannabis plant plots. In addition, there is the possibility of affiliate marketing regarding Cannergrow cannabis plant plots.

Cannabis Plants
The company offers the customer the opportunity to participate in the booming cannabis industry. For this purpose, cannabis plants are offered which will generate returns of investment with every harvest.
Affiliate Marketing
An additional income can be generated through the recommendation of cannabis plant plots. The affiliate program offers a compensation plan for this purpose, with commissions of up to 20 %.

The Cannergrow Concept

Cannergrow - Cannabis Plants
Cannabis Plants
The cannabis plants will be harvested every 2-3 months. After every harvest, the results of the harvests can be viewed in the customer’s dashboard.
Cannergrow - Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery
The harvested Cannabidiol (CBD) Cannabis can either be sold directly to the company or can be shipped to a desired address within Europe.
Cannergrow - Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing
The Cannergrow plant plots can be recommended to interested individuals. This leads to commissions for each successful referral.

The Cannergrow Solutions

Professional Cultivation
In the production centres of Cannergrow, premium quality cannabis is produced with the assistance of high-quality and modern equipment. This includes optimal irrigation, aeration, fertilization, pest control and so on.
Cannabis Products
In addition to the cannabis plants, own products are also developed and distributed. These include, for example: flowers, pre-rolls, gummies, oils, shower gels, body lotion, hand cream, foot cream, conditioner, cooling spray, foam cleaner and other cosmetics.
In-House Laboratory
To ensure the highest quality at all times, the company has its own in-house laboratory. Among other things, experiments are carried out with various cannabis varieties (for example Futura, Swiss Dream, Geenie, Harlequin, G1 CBG) and hormones.
Medical Cannabis
The demand of health-related cannabis is huge. Currently, the worldwide demand for pain patients is not being met. Cannergrow participates in this market and cooperates with pharmaceutical companies and governments.
The Cannergrow Plants

The cannabis plantations / facilities are located in Switzerland (Fraubrunnen and Solothurn). All plantations of the Cannergrow by Cannerald GmbH are licensed according to GMP guidelines. These cannabis plantations include top tier indoor cannabis plants which get harvested every 2-3 months. After harvesting, the cannabis plants are continuously cloned (without extra costs!) by using its cuttings / mother plants.

plus 7.7% VAT
  • Per harvest: ~ 45 – 75 gram
  • Per gram: ~ 1,45 – 3,60 Euro
  • Harvest: every 2 to 3 months
  • Unlimited term
plus 7.7% VAT
  • Per harvest: ~ 450 – 750 gram
  • Per gram: ~ 1,45 – 3,60 Euro
  • Harvest: every 2 to 3 months
  • Unlimited term
plus 7.7% VAT
  • Per harvest: ~ 1350 – 2250 grams
  • Per gram: ~ 1,45 – 3,60 Euro
  • Harvest: every 2 to 3 months
  • Unlimited term
Payment Options

Deposits and withdrawals can be processed simply and securely via the house bank (SEPA/SWIFT) or by using Bitcoin.

Your Lifetime Income

Once the Cannergrow Registration is done you will be able to purchase cannabis plant plots. All cannabis plant plots have an individual QR code to assign the plants to the individual customer. From now on the employees of the company will take care of your cannabis plants. This includes optimal irrigation, aeration, fertilization and pest control. Furthermore, a security service is on site to ensure the protection of the indoor greenhouses.

Free Registration

In the first step you need an account. The registration of it is free of charge and without any obligation. Afterwards you have the opportunity to check the offers of the company.

Purchase Plants

At least one plant should be purchased in the second step. To do this, you need to navigate to the required menu item in your personal Cannergrow Dashboard to place orders.

Passive Income

In the last step your cannabis plants will be harvested and afterwards being dried. In the third step the harvested cannabis can be sold directly to the company or shipped to you.

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The Cannergrow Team

The intention of the four Cannerald and Cannergrow founders (Levin Amweg, Severin Amweg and Sascha Wäschle) is to become Europe’s largest cannabis producer and exporter.

Cannergrow - Stefan Amweg

Stefan Amweg

Cannergrow - Levin Amweg

Co-FounderLevin Amweg

Cannergrow - Severin Amweg

Co-FounderSeverin Amweg

Cannergrow - Sascha Wäschle

Co-FounderSascha Wäschle

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Cannergrow FAQ

Frequently asked questions are listed below. If any questions remain unanswered, please feel free to contact us at any time.

When and how often do I receive the cannabis harvest?

The cannabis plants are harvested every two to three months. The duration of the cultivation depends on several factors, such as the cannabis strain. Longer growing periods ensure, among other things, better harvest results. After the harvest the cannabis plants are dried for two weeks. Afterwards the harvest results are posted on the customer’s dashboard. The harvests can either be sold directly to the company or sent to a chosen address.

Do I have to buy new plants after each harvest?

You do not need to purchase new cannabis plants. The cannabis plants die after each harvest and are continuously cloned by using its seedlings. The customer does not only buy single cannabis plants, but also cannabis plant plots. These plots are associated with the customer for lifetime.

How to pay for my ordered plants?

The payment options include bank transfer (SEPA/SWIFT) and Bitcoin. Bank transfers usually take two to three business days to be processed. Orders via Bitcoin are automatically processed after three confirmations in the blockchain.

How does the Cannerald / Cannergrow company generate its income?

The company compensates its ongoing costs and profits from the harvests. The harvest is shared 50/50 between the customer and the company. In addition, Cannerald sells its own cannabis (CBD) based products.

Can I get my own impression of the company by visiting them?

If the client wants to get a first-hand impression of Cannergrow, it is possible to request an appointment for a personal meeting. For this purpose a request must be made to the Cannergrow Support.

Cannergrow by Cannerald GmbH - Testimonial - Chris Schuster

I bought ten Cannergrow cannabis plants. Meanwhile, there were already harvests available for me. So far, everything is running very smoothly. A passive income for lifetime! I am really happy to be part of this company.

Chris Schuster
Cannergrow Member

Cannergrow by Cannerald GmbH - Testimonial - Sabine Lorenz

A friend of mine told me about the company and its concept. I was very interested in the mix of passive income and affiliate marketing! Currently, I got 127 plants in my team structure. I personally own 5 plants. But I will purchase even more!

Sabine Lorenz
Cannergrow Member

Cannergrow by Cannerald GmbH - Testimonial - Alfredo Barton

I am constantly looking for new investment opportunities. The idea behind this company seemed brilliant to me. The concept behind it is also unique. Therefore, I decided to invest in the Cannergrow by Cannerald GmbH.

Alfredo Barton
Cannergrow Member

Cannergrow by Cannerald GmbH - Testimonial - Kristi Nielsen

Cannabis products such as body lotion have long been part of my assortment. I came across the Cannerald Shop by chance and from then on I was in love with its products. This is how I found out about the legal possibility of owning cannabis plants myself.

Kristi Nielsen
Cannergrow Member

Cannergrow by Cannerald GmbH - Testimonial - Alex Sikorski

I suffer from nerve pain and therefore smoke cannabis for pain relief. I bought Cannergrow plants because the harvest can be delivered to my home. The last harvests were very plentiful, so I sold a part of it to the Cannerald GmbH.

Alex Sikorski
Cannergrow Member

Cannergrow by Cannerald GmbH - Testimonial - Susan Marin

The sale of products that convince me personally gives me a lot of pleasure. Therefore, I was looking for a solid company that offers network marketing. The Cannergrow marketing plan finally impressed me!

Susan Marin
Cannergrow Member

Cannergrow by Cannerald GmbH - Testimonial - Amin Hoekstra

In my opinion, money that is not needed should be invested sustainably. Therefore, I am constantly looking for good investment opportunities. The concept of the Cannergrow by Cannerald GmbH impressed me, which is why I invested.

Amin Hoekstra
Cannergrow Member

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